Saturday, October 30, 2010


My last blog pissed off alot of people that know or are related to the man that I was speaking of. I find that hilarious being that those are the same people that witnessed or stood by when some of the things I didn't & did mention was taking place. I got a call that evening asking what I posted on Twitter was all about. I simply informed that person it's my page & I feel I can write whatever it is that I want. I blamed someone who didn't even say anything about my blog to those people. Me & her had words via Twitter... but since then i apologized being that she didn't say anything in the first place. I'm an asshole at times but I will admit when I'm wrong. After i swallow my pride, which is something  I HATE doing. I felt that I can use this blog to vent & if i feel free to post it on a social networking site that is indeed MY place to do so. I may have been kind of one sided with my last blog. there was a thousand feelings I was feeling at the time that gave me the courage to write it. I have spoken to him after a week of ignoring his calls & things may not be better with me & him, I felt better after speaking to him. Prior to us not speaking it felt like there was a hole in my chest that had to be filled. I felt it with hanging with my friends & trying to stay busy. I found myself crying at nite because thru all the bad I missed him. That guy wasn't all bad it's just that  the bad times  stuck out like thorns on  a stem of a beautiful rose. After our initial hour & a half convo  I found out things that I wouldn't have known other wise.Such as that chick who I thought said something didn't even say nothing at all. Along with someone called his folks to find out why i wrote what i did. Which i found dumb cuz since they following me they could have asked me their self. As the weeks go by since my initial posting I have heard the craziest things. I don't need to mention them here but it has given me the strength to come to the conclusion that no matter what a mother will always ride for their child even if they are in the wrong. Even if that means making a person they don't like look bad by spreading lies. I can see people for their true colors.If i hadn't already. My blog was a therapeutic way for me to vent.  Not to be put on broad street for those who don't understand it to run back telling those who already know what I been thru. I guess people can't handle the truth. Cuz I don't lie & this blog is the TRUTH. NO LIES OR SUGAR COATING. My blog is my blog if you don't like then don't read it. *shrug* it's as simple as that. Respect my privacy or be removed from my Twitter. It's as simple as that. Fakeness or fugaziness don't reside or is wanted here so keep that shit far from here...til next time

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